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Inviting Clients – Mobile

Inviting clients to download the app and receive custom workouts is simple.

Click the person icon below to access your client list.  

1.     Invite your clients to receive custom workouts by tapping the Invite Client button and enter their email. 

2.     Clients will receive an invitation to that email, (they must accept on their mobile device.)

When your client taps the Accept Now button on their phone’s email, you’ll receive this notification.  This way you can start building and sending workouts right away. 

1.     Upon accepting the invitation, your client will download the mobile PEAR and Accept the trainer connection within the app.

2.     Simultaneously send clients this on-boarding questionnaire to really understand their goals, any injuries, activities they enjoy, etc. How you do this is up to you! (email, phone, in person, etc.) Enter information and biometrics within the client’s profile page.

To see a walkthrough on inviting clients to download the mobile app watch the video Inviting Clients.

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