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Inviting Clients

Inviting clients to train with you is easy!

By tapping the third icon, you are taken to your list of clients.  Here you see their name and status.  This is also where your can email existing clients or invite new ones.

When you invite a new client, they will receive a notification on their mobile device to accept.  You will then be able to assign them a workout.  

Below is an example of a client’s notification that they have been invited to receive workouts from you.  

When you click on a client’s name, it takes you to their profile page.  Profile information and photos are pulled from their client’s mobile app. 

Tap Edit to update their Activity Level.  Tap Add Notes to input any information important for you to remember.  Tap Injuries to list current and past injuries to note.

PEAR Pro Trainer offers an effective and thorough questionnaire to issue to your new clients upon on-boarding. 

See questionnaire here, Client Questionnaire.

Periodically, input your client’s measurements to evaluate improvements.

Review your client’s workout history and results under History

You are all set to manage your clients! Remember with our platform you are allowed to onboard an unlimited number of clients.

To see this process live check out our video, Inviting Clients.