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How to Create a Workout

This article will cover the basics of how to create a workout so you can get up and running quickly.

Clicking the blue dumbbell icon on the left will take you to your workout library, where your workouts are housed and created. 

To create a workout, click the Create Workout button.

First step is to label the workout.  This properly describes your workout and provides definition.  Give the workout a title, brief description, long description and image.

Example of title and brief description.

A longer description is found here when browsing in the library.

You are now ready to drag and drop your exercises into the timeline. 

When you drop an exercise, you are given options to define how your client will perform the workout. 

After your workout is saved, you have options that can be accessed by the 3 dots located on the right.  

Overview: This allows you to see the workout at a glance.

You also can select Mobile Preview so you can view the workout before assigning to a client.

After tapping the Mobile Preview option, tap the Preview button.  You then go to your Mobile App and locate under My Workouts

From the mobile app, tap My Workouts, to see the workout you transferred at the top of the list, then tap Download to preview.

You can assign any workout at any time to a client by tapping Assign Workout.

Type in your client’s name and the date they are to perform the workout, then save.  Your client will receive a notification directly to their phone letting them know a workout has been assigned.

Example of notification sent to client from trainer:

If you would like to build on an existing workout, select Duplicate.

By utilizing this feature, you can modify the new version to better suit another client or group.  This tool is effective to either increase or decrease intensity for newer or more advanced clientele.

You can also view a video about creating workouts here: How to Create a Workout.

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